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Justice Law Center
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Justice Law Center is a full-service law firm that has been serving Nevada for 27 years

Our top ranked attorneys have been fighting for family’s rights for many years and we are passionate about getting what is right for our clients and their families.

Any kind a civil matter held in Family Court is always fraught with emotion and fear. Divorces, custody matters and issues regarding parental rights are some of the most important cases our firm can take on. This is because our families are always the nearest and dearest to us, and when something happens to try to disrupt them, it can be terrifying. It is very easy to let yourself become blinded by that fear and emotion, so it its important to have a clear headed and experienced family attorney to represent you in Court and fight for what is right and fair

The founding attorney of Justice Law Center is Bret Whipple, who is an experienced litigator and trial attorney. This means Bret has gained the skills and experience in his long career to take your case to trial, if necessary, and that he has the courage to do so. Many other family attorneys will try to take the very first settlement offer, regardless of if it is the right one for you, just so that they don’t have to put in the extra work to get what is right and fair. Bret Whipple cares about his clients and will never rest until you have resolved your case in a way that is satisfactory, and if that means going to trial then he and his team are always ready.

Life Experience

Justice Law Center will fight for your family

All our attorneys are passionate about winning in family court. If you are facing a divorce, a custody matter, or any kind of family law case, call us today and set up free consultation so that you have finally rest easy and know that you are in good hands