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If you retain the Justice Law Center for your Family Court case, you can be assured that your attorney is willing to take your case all the way to get you the results you deserve. While Justice Law Center firm is a full-service Nevada law firm, we really excel in the following areas:

Contested Divorces

There are many reasons that married people will have to enter into a contested divorce proceeding. More often than not however, the reasons for a contested divorce will have to do with custody or the separation of assets and debts. If there are no custody issues and the only disagreements between the two parties has to do with how to divide the money, and to decide who pays the bills, an experienced attorney can normally come to a fair and equitable settlement. If there are other issues like alimony, then the alimony payments can be adjusted to make the settlement more agreeable.

Divorces that also includes contested custody matters are always the hardest. As parents we naturally live for our children and being apart from them can seem to be the worst punishment that a person can be inflicted with. Even the thought of a split 50/50 custody arrangement can seem, at first unthinkable. This is why and experienced family law attorney is so necessary in these instances. You need a clear headed and impartial lawyer to negotiate with the opposing counsel in order to try to come to a reasonable settlement that is not only in yours, but also your children’s best interest.

Uncontested Divorces

Even if the two of you have agreed on all of the matters involved in the divorce, it is advisable to hire an attorney due to the many confusing statutes that must be adhered to when it comes to a Nevada divorce. If you file the paperwork incorrectly, the judge will refuse to sign the divorce decree. Or even worse, if you make a mistake on the paperwork, the divorce decree could contain an error and you will have to file additional paperwork and will likely have to appear before the judge.

An uncontested divorce that is filed correctly will be signed by the judge and there will be no court appearance necessary. An experienced attorney that is well versed in all of the required statutes can prepare an uncontested divorce properly so that there are no issues.

Modification of Custody

After a divorce with children, or another kind of custody order, Nevada law states that there has to be “significant changed circumstances” to file a motion to modify a custody order. That language can mean a lot of things. Even the term “significant” can mean something different to everybody. What it really boils down to is what the Judge thinks is “significant changed circumstances.”
Having an experienced attorney on your side when you are moving the Court to modify a standing custody order is a must. Here at Justice Law Center, our team has worked a great amount of modification of custody cases, and we know what the Judge will consider “changed circumstances,” and what they will not. If you file a Motion to Modify Custody, without there being significant changed circumstances, then your motion will likely be seen by the Judge to “harass and annoy” the opposing party and you will likely end up having to pay their attorney’s fees.
Even after you have proven that the “changed circumstances” have been met, you are then faced with the enormous task of proving to the Judge that it is in the best interest of the child to change the standing custody order. Upending a child’s life and routine by changing custody is not something a Family Court Judge will take lightly. You will need experienced family lawyer to advocate for you in court. Trying to modify custody without a skilled attorney on your side to fight for you could end in your child remaining in an unsafe home.


A guardianship proceeding is different than a custody matter, because when a guardianship is granted it only bestows a temporary, custody that is overseen by the Court. Guardianships can be granted over minor children, as well as adults with special needs. Some guardianships are uncontested, like in cases where parents are temporarily unable to care for their children, and wish for a relative to have custodial privileges. Other guardianships are contested.
Contested guardianships happen when relatives of the minor children files with the court because they believe the natural parents are unable to care for their children, and the parents contest the matter. Contested guardianships can also come about when a Petition for Guardianship is filed by one family member, and another family member wishes to contest it for whatever reason.
Petition for Guardianships are complicated filings that require a great number of steps to be taken in order to comply with statute. Even if you are filing an uncontested guardianship, it is important that you have a skilled attorney to prepare and file paperwork correctly the first time. An improper guardianship filing can result in the children being left in an unsafe environment while that paperwork is corrected.

If someone has filed a Petition for Guardianship against you, and they seek to take your children from you, it is even more important to have an experienced family law attorney on your side to defend you in court. 

Parental Rights Proceedings

The termination of parental rights is never taken lightly by the Court. In order to show that abolishing the rights of a parent you must show that no longer having that parent in a child’s life is truly in the child’s best interest. These proceedings are so serious that even in uncontested Termination of Parental Rights matters, there is normally a hearing that must be held.
While there are some parents who have not bonded with their children due to drag use, imprisonment or other psychological issues who will gladly relinquish their parental rights, so they do not have to pay child support, this is normally not the case. Most parents will fight tooth and nail for their children, regardless of the circumstance.
If another party or state agency has filed a Petition to Terminate your parental rights, then the last thing that you should do is to try to fight it alone. The Termination of parental rights is a permanent filing, and cannot be contested after it is all said and done. Choosing to have a lawyer on your side to fight for you and your rights as a parent will be one of the best decisions that you could ever make.


One of the most satisfying aspects of family law is adoption proceedings. When a child is adopted by a loving, caring family, it being a great amount of joy and happiness to our firm here at Justice Law Center. In order for an adoption to take place the parental rights of both known parents need to have been terminated by court proceeding. Then, the petition for adoption can be filed with the court.